This is some advice, use it, or ignore it, who cares.


  • Try to figure out what makes you happy, and do more of that
  • If you don’t know how to say sorry when you do something stupid, learn.
  • When life sucks, run, or exercise, it’s the only thing that works


  • Get a mac, time capsule, time machine, and offsite backup. That ensures you’ll never loose data.
  • Learn Emacs, Doom Emacs is cool, but be sure to disable evil-mode.


Find a problem that you really want to solve, and learn a programming language to solve it. There is absolutely no point in saying “I want to learn programming”, then sitting down with a book to read about programming, and expect that you will learn programming that way. It will not happen. The only way to learn programming is to program, a lot.


  • Learn to check your assumptions. You will make mistakes, and you need to get good at finding the mistakes you made.
  • Take your time to write a verification plan. And stick to it. Without sufficient simulation your circuit will not work.


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Commands What does it do?
find ./ -name "*.cdslck" -exec rm {} \; Removes cds lock files
ssh-keygen -t rsa Make a public RSA key
cat ~/.ssh/ | ssh my_host " cat > .ssh/authorized_keys" Copies your public RSA key to the authorized keys, so you won’t have to type the password anymore
alias ssh-x='ssh -c aes128-cbc -YC -o "ForwardX11Timeout 4W" ' Fast ssh when using X