This repository is a collection of IPs in Skywater 130nm technology. The available IPs can be seen in ip/config.yaml.

Git repo Docs Notes
cicconf   Custom IC Creator Configuration tool
cicpy   Custom IC Creator Python Transpiler
cicsim   Custom IC Creator Simulation Toolbox
ciccreator docs Custom IC Creator
sun_sar9b_sky130nm   9-bit successive approximation analog-to-digital converter
sun_pll_sky130nm   General purpose PLL. Should not be used for real designs. Development platform for ciccreator
sun_tr_sky130nm   Standard cell libraries for analog schematics
sun_trb_sky130nm   Standard cell libraries for analog schematics with separate bulk connections
cpdk   Carsten’s design kit
tech_sky130B   Technology files for SKY130B
rply_bias_sky130nm docs PTAT current source
rply_ex0_sky130nm docs Tutorial on sky130nm analog flow