Custom IC Creator

cIcCreator is a compiler for integrated circuits.

cIcCreator reads a JSON object definition file, technology rule file and a SPICE netlist (assumes same name as object definition file) and outputs a cic description file (.cic).

Use cicpy ( to transpile the .cic file to other formats.

Getting started

First clone the repo

git clone
cd ciccreator
git clone release

In the release folder, you hopefully find the binary for your platform.

There are three input files needed to run the compiler

The description below is for MacOS. For other OS replace the .darwin with the binary that applies to your platform.

release/cic.darwin-latest examples/SAR_ESSCIRC16_28N.json examples/tech.json SAR_TEST

The output of the compiler will be SAR_TEST.cic

To view the output, do

release/cic-gui.darwin-latest SAR_TEST.cic examples/tech.json

The examples/routes.json show some examples of the routings, and other options

release/cic.darwin-latest examples/routes.json examples/tech.json routes
release/cic-gui.darwin-latest routes.cic examples/tech.json